Prix des Pépites 2024


LOUTY is a reception area (140 m2 modular) and training center dedicated to quality of life at work.

"At LOUTY, we are committed to supporting you in your quality of working life initiatives. Awareness, meaning and commitment: that's what we want to put in place at the heart of organizations."


Mazette is France's first creative arts venue. Located in the heart of Paris, it features over 20 self-service artistic activities.

The 200m2 space is fully equipped with sewing machines, easels, paintbrushes, cutting machines and much more for anyone wishing to try out new activities.

L'Abeille Gaillarde

L'Abeille Gaillarde supports companies and local authorities in implementing concrete, innovative and unifying actions to protect biodiversity and bees.

L'Abeille Gaillarde is also a boutique offering exceptional products that are good for health and biodiversity.


Off/Grid is a young design furniture house founded in 2021 in the Toulouse region.

The brand embodies an innovative, design-led and sustainable lifestyle that stands out on the global designer furniture market with its In&Out concept.


UNINKSPORT designs, manufactures and distributes 100% personalized sports equipment on behalf of sports brands (Intersport, Décathlon, etc.).

UNINKSPORT facilitates access to a wide range of customizable products to enhance clubs' image.

Munemjo Entertainment

Munemjo Entertainment is the first WEB 3.0 video game studio, 100% dedicated to African cultures.

Their solution is to highlight African Myths, Legends and Figures in a playful way, through a video game called Play to Learn and Earn.


DECLERCK is a young designer brand of 100% French linen clothing. They are located at the heart of the Normandy linen ecosystem, within a new linen scutching unit, the Cooperative Linière du Nord de Caen.


REASYKL is the online concept store dedicated to second-hand clothing and accessories. Its primary ambition is to enable women to consume better without compromising their style or customer experience.


The tiny house is a social and architectural trend advocating sobriety and simplicity. Our aim is to be the first Tiny House builder identified in the Hauts de France region, and a driving force in the development of this new market.


Be-Low is a consulting company with an expert mission in the development of Climate and Environmental Strategies (mitigation, risks, adaptation) for private companies, public institutions and governments.


Aggloplast manufactures an eco-material made from 100% recycled plastic (for furniture, point-of-sale displays and real estate).

Out of doors

Hors les murs offers tours focused on discovering organizations: private and public companies, institutions, associations...


Mijuin is an innovative workshop dedicated to short-circuit linen, based in Malaunay, Normandy. They make textiles from flax spun and woven/knitted in France. Their mission? To facilitate access to short-circuit linen.


Talpayrac specializes in the sale of industrial-style shelving. Its raison d'être is to offer products that are aesthetically pleasing and durable, while having a positive impact on society and the environment.

DEMIO Normandy

DEMIO is an innovative industrial start-up specializing in biochar production. Biochar sequesters carbon, depollutes soils, increases local food independence and decarbonizes industry.

AI Motivator

IA Motivator is a web application that uses artificial intelligence to generate cover letters tailored to the user's profile and searches. Its game modes are unprecedented.

Genius Gambler

Genius Gambler is reinventing the sports betting experience with a disruptive model that is fairer, more transparent and more entertaining than that offered by traditional operators.

Le Guide du Chat

Le Guide du Chat is a price comparison site for cat products. It enables cat owners to reduce their pet-related expenses, without having to make further sacrifices.

Eco Nadó

Eco Nadó is the first subscription-based rental platform for new and reconditioned childcare equipment.

Y-MOR Digital Services

Y-MOR Digital Services offers e-shop kiosks in hotels to showcase local merchants.

Merci Pour les Fleurs

Merci pour les Fleurs is a company dedicated to developing and hosting artistic projects.

Our Culture

Nôtre Culture is a creative community label. The company creates eco-responsible clothing based on the codes of streetwear and exclusive events inspired by urban culture.


PALACRA PVRIS is an online boutique specializing in the sale of upcycled, handcrafted jewelry. The brand aspires to participate in the reinvention of the jewelry market in a more responsible way.


NooPhyto is a brand selling nootropics, i.e. food supplements that stimulate cognitive functions such as concentration, memory, reactivity, etc.


Imara means "solid and lasting" in Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa. It's the spirit that infuses this brand of African teas, from artisanal and fair-trade production.

The teas combine quality and traditional know-how, in direct association with a cooperative of producers and pickers.

Quandalle Paris

Quandalle Paris offers ephemeral collections of upcycled jewelry made by melting down second-life gold and precious stones dismantled from old jewelry.

"Thanks to the reuse of gold and precious stones to which we give a second life, I guarantee my customers that the manufacture of their jewelry requires no new extraction."

Jacquot Paris

Jacquot Paris is a jewelry brand that they aim to make as ethically as possible.

All their jewelry is made with recycled 18-carat gold, which means that the gold they use is not mined specifically for the creation of their jewelry. They reuse gold already in circulation, gold from old jewelry, old coins.

Les Petits Artistes

Les Petits Artistes is an innovative weekend concept store. The idea is to bring together artists from different art backgrounds (clothing, accessories, jewelry, paintings...) in an attractive venue (bar, café...). The aim is to put the spotlight on young talent and have a good time at the same time as making a profit.

MBL Events

This is an event agency specializing in corporate events. They take charge of event organization from A to Z: from briefing to final debriefing, including technical, administrative, contractual and financial follow-up. They offer a wide range of services.


L'Entredeux (Restaurant - Tearoom - Caterer) is an evolving and above all friendly place, which welcomes you all day long. The promise: healthy food, French products, well-balanced dishes, a menu that follows the seasons and, above all, low prices with great variety, as the menu changes every day.


4Rent brings together individuals, renters and renters of luxury fashion items via a web platform and an application. The aim is to enable users to obtain at lower cost items they can't or don't want to buy new, but want to wear occasionally.


Siwak (root of the Salvadora persica shrub) complements the toothbrush.Meswo ' s aim is to revolutionize the way we consume oral hygiene, to stop polluting our planet and to enable as many people as possible to enjoy optimal hygiene.


Mon Espace de Travail, d'Insertion, d'Innovation et de Socialisation (My Space for Work, Integration, Innovation and Socialization ) is quite simply a "tiers-lieu": a tea room where you can work, organize and take part in meetings, train, present and sell your products, and take part in professional and cultural events.