How do I contact an Alumni?

Here’s some advice if you’d like to contact an Alumni: 



- Be informal and personalize your email

- Confirm the Directory information 

- Be precise in your request

- Always send a thank you email and keep the other person informed

- Send a follow-up email

- Use personal email accounts



- Don’t send emails to several people

- Don’t make your first contact by telephone and don’t include your CV

- Don’t immediately ask if any employment, internship, or work/study positions are available in the company of an Alumni

- Avoid responding hastily


Sample email: 

- Hello Ms, Mr XXX

- My name is (surname, first name, graduating class…)

- I’d like to discuss a graduate’s experience

- Explain your approach 

- Ask 2 – 3 clear questions

- Call to action

- Thank the person

- Signature

- Contact information