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I’ve forgotten my password.

An email will be sent automatically to your contact address (by default, this is your personal email address) 

If this is regarding an email address other than the one contained in our database, please contact us by email at contact@alumni.emnormandie.com



How do I become a Lifetime Member of the EM Normandie Alumni Association?

The Association offers a range of services exclusively for Lifetime Members. Some of which are: 

  • Access to the online directory 
  • Personalised support through the Parcours Carrière (Career Paths)
  • Business creation assistance through the Club Entrepreneurs
  • Access to all our events at preferential rates
  • And lots more …

To become a Lifetime Member, click here or contact us via email at :contact@alumni.emnormandie.com



How do I access the online directory?

The EM Normandie Alumni Association’s directory of students and graduates is accessible only to Lifetime Members.

It provides personal and professional information that Members have chosen to make visible on their file.


How do customise how my contact information is displayed?

You can choose which information you want to be displayed to make it visible only to the Association's permanent team and/or Members of the Association.

To modify your privacy settings, click here.


How are my contact details are kept up to date?

The Association’s permanent team updates the database daily. Members of the Association can also modify or enter their contact details directly through their personal space.


How do I update my contact details?

To do this, you must return to your personal space. Click on: my profile / my private space / “my information” module / "personal information” or “professional information” section / my personal file



How do I join a Club?

For this, you’ll need to be identified on the site. Click here to discover all our Clubs! You can then select the Club you are interested in and, on the page of your chosen Club, click “Follow this community”.



How can I access job offers?

Job offers are reserved for Lifetime Members. The job postings are posted by recruitment agencies, companies, and members.


How can I post a job offer as a student or graduate?

Click on: My career / offer / post a job offer


I’m a recruiter. How do I post a job offer for the members?

Send a copy of your offer to:  contact@alumni.emnormandie.com. We will take care of posting it on the platform and it will then be visible to all of our Lifetime Members. 


How do I create an alert to receive text notifications for job postings that interest me?

You must be logged in to do this. Then click on: my profile / my private space / “career” module / “my alerts” section / personal address then customise your alert preferences based on your desired criteria.



How do I register for an event?

You can view the list of upcoming events in the Calendar section by clicking here, then click on the “Register” button (box on the right).