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06 June 2024
Alban LIEURY (ESC Le Havre, 2005)

Appointments - Alban LIEURY appointed Global Supply Chain Director

After a VIE in the United States with Sartomer Company Division of Total, Alban LIEURY (class of 2005) began his career with ARKEMA as Financial Process Owner Delegate in SAP ERP.

He then moved to Mexico in June 2009 as Country Administrative and Financial Manager, before heading to Shanghai as Regional Financial Controller. In September 2015, he moved to Singapore to become SAP Project Manager. He was promoted to Regional Supply Manager in August 2016.

He will remain in this position, this time in the Paris region, before being promoted to Global Supply Chain Manager in January 2021.

Since April 2024, Alban has held the position of Global Supply Chain Director at Bostik.

Congratulations Alban on your international career!

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Abdelkader RAHAOUI (EM Normandie Grande Ecole Program, 2021)
1 month ago
Congrats Alban !

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