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01 February 2023
Vincent DE BECQUEVORT (ESC Le Havre, 1999)

Appointments - Vincent DE BECQUEVORT becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KPMG

Vincent DE BECQUEVORT (class of 1999) began his career at Delmas in a central management control position. He joined KPMG in 2000 as a Senior Manager in the Food Industry, Retail, Textile and Luxury markets.

In September 2010, Vincent became an Audit Partner and assists CEOs and CFOs in auditing, accounting and consulting assignments.

In January 2020, he became Regional Director for Paris & Centre in charge of Audit and the ETI market.

Since January 2023, Vincent DE BECQUEVORT has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KPMG.

In parallel to his professional career, Vincent has been teaching accounting since January 2016 at the Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II).

The Alumni Association congratulates him for this great career!


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