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Apprenticeship tax 2022: reap what you sow!

23 February 2022 School news
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The French apprenticeship tax helps to fund apprenticeships and undergraduate training. This is a tax that all companies with more than one employee must pay before 31 May of each year. What sets this tax apart is that you can choose who receives it.

As an Alumni, opt for an investment that is relevant to your business. Choose your School: EM Normandie! 

With the payments we received in 2021, we have:

  • Recruited 15 new lecturer-researchers
  • Strengthened our support teams
  • Accelerated our 360° digitalization
  • Launched new programmes
  • Won a number of national and international awards
  • Worked harder on promoting equal opportunities
  • Invested in a new Paris campus which meets the latest environmental standards.  

We have set ourselves the following challenges for 2022:

  • Continuing to push boundaries
  • Constantly rethinking the learning experience
  • Giving students the tools to tackle a wide range of complex issues (not just technical)
  • Addressing ethical, sociological and environmental challenges

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