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Cécilia Landrin launches RécréAnglais in Le Havre: English lessons for children

03 November 2023 Alumni News
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We are delighted to present an initiative by one of our Alumni, Cécilia Landrin, who is launching her own business by opening a RécréAnglais mini-school in Le Havre. A graduate of EM Normandie (class of 2011), Cécilia is a certified bilingual trainer with experience in teaching English to children since 2016. She joined the franchise RécréAnglais, which offers an innovative approach to teaching English to children aged 3 to 11. RécréAnglais offers immersive language sessions in groups limited to 6 children maximum, with an unusual programme covering more than 250 themes. Children live “on English time” during extracurricular sessions ranging from 1 hr 30 to 2hrs that combine everyday life activities, singing, games and fun. Cécilia is committed to making life easier for parents by offering childcare after school, as well as arranging transport, meals and activities. In addition, parents get exclusive access to the RécréAnglais platform, which keeps track of their children's progress. RécréAnglais is a valuable opportunity for families in and around Le Havre to learn English.

We congratulate Cécilia on her initiative and wish her every success in this venture. Discover RécréAnglais and offer your children a unique and fun English learning experience.

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