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Eco Nado – rental of childcare equipment!

29 March 2023 Alumni News
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Last January, Mathilde AGULLO (class of 2023) launched her website Eco Nado, which is dedicated to renting childcare equipment. Mathilde has been supported by the EM Normandie Incubator since October 2022. 

Already passionate about childcare, it was only when she had her own children that everything was really brought into perspective!

Mathilde realised that childcare equipment is expensive and needed to be regularly changed during the first 3 years of a child's life. Some childcare equipment only lasts for a few months, but other items could be refurbished to extend their useful life! And so the question she asked was why buy the equipment? What if a subscription rental basis existed?

With Eco Nadó, you can rent your childcare equipment, change it according to how old your baby is, and return the products you no longer use so that they can be refurbished and put back on the market.

Are you going to be a parent, or perhaps you’re already a parent that would be willing to test this concept?

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