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Gender equality, LGBTQIA+, disability, social diversity: Focus on the school’s School For Good and People for Good commitments.

23 February 2023 Alumni News
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Since 1871, when the school admitted its first cohort, EM Normandie has continued to make progress in welcoming and catering for diversity. The progress they’ve made means they are able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population and can provide an inclusive environment for all students.

This school-wide commitment, which is now integral to the strategy embodied in the School for Good mantra, has been brought to life for EM Normandie students with the provision of a dedicated team, the Wellbeing and Inclusion department. With staff fully trained in the subject matter, the team’s goal is to promote diversity to ensure that the future generation of professionals will be fully aware of social justice issues and to give ALL students an equitable experience and equal access to career opportunities.

As well as signing up to a number of pro-diversity policies, EM Normandie is taking concrete action by offering:

  • Individual support for students with specific needs at every stage of their academic life (classes, campus life, student associations, foreign placements and graduate employment options).
  • Awareness and training sessions for students, teachers and staff.
  • An active network of trained officers within the student and staff population.
  • Development of partnerships with associations working in the diversity space.
  • Support to student associations who want to ensure that their events are as inclusive as possible.
  • Academic Excellence scholarships for grant-funded students.
  • Academic teaching dedicated to gender equality with teachers being encouraged to publish research on these issues.
  • Promotion of its zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination via a dedicated reporting platform.

And of course, we don't intend to stop there:

Between now and 2024, EM Normandie has set a goal of training all staff to be inclusive towards people from the LGBTQIA+ community, providing gender neutral spaces on campus and raising awareness in the student and association population on specific considerations for this community. This process will culminate in the creation of a network of role models and allies, which will of course include members of our Alumni community.

We also have a goal of developing a mentoring service for people from diverse backgrounds in a spirit of mutual aid and experience sharing. As part of the fight against self-censorship, students can be put in touch with inspiring professionals who come from a similar academic and business background.

Would you like to become a mentor? If you would have liked someone to help you navigate your student journey, why not become that person for someone else?

Would you like to commit to joining us in the LGBTQIA+ network?

Do you have any ideas for diversity activities that you’d like to suggest?

 Feel free to get involved in our journey and register your interest at the following email address:

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