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Lumière sur la Solidarité: Discover the EM Normandie Foundation's Balance Sheet in 2023

23 February 2024 School news
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Today, we are delighted to present the Foundation's 2023 report. This year was marked by challenges but also by promising advancements.


Overall fundraising for the Foundation declined in 2023, with a 29% decrease in the average donation due to the current economic climate.


However, the total number of donors increased by 3%. This figure is accompanied by a 6% growth in donations from ALUMNI donors, illustrating your deep attachment to our School.


Another notable figure: 23% of donations received were unrestricted donations, indicating your trust in trust in our transparent management of funds. These donations will complement the funds already allocated to student scholarships.


In 2023, 85% of the funds were allocated to scholarship students.


Thank you to all those who contributed to this fundraising in 2023. Together, let's give ourselves the means to build the future!



The EM Normandie Foundation Team

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