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The EM Normandie Foundation launches its end of year 2022 campaign

25 November 2022 School news
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The EM Normandie Foundation supports the development and influence of the School. Sheltered by the Fondation de France, it acts on three levers:


  • Equal opportunity and social diversity - with the awarding of scholarships
  • Academic excellence and high-level research
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit


It is important to note that 79% of funding is allocated to scholarships and that 195 scholarships have been awarded, since the creation of the Foundation, in 2016. The Academic Excellence Award has rewarded 13 teacher-researchers for their research and pedagogical innovation. 8% of donations are directly used to develop the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship of our students.


Studying at EM Normandie has been a determining factor in your career path. Therefore, giving to the Foundation is a great way to perpetuate this opportunity and allow other young students to benefit from the same quality of education.


Today, 336 donors support the Foundation, our goal is to raise awareness of the School's financial needs among the largest number of alumni. Whatever the amount, every donation counts and contributes to its development.

66% of your donation is tax deductible in 2022 within the limit of 20% of taxable income for any donation made before December 31, 2022. After tax deduction, a donation of 100€ will actually cost you 34€.


Anthony COHEN, a Master 1 student in charge of marketing and communication for the Foundation, is available by phone at or by e-mail to answer your questions.


The Foundation's actions depend above all on your generosity!

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