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EM Normandie Foundation: 5 reasons to make a difference

06 June 2024 School news
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Become an agent of change.

As graduates of our School, you understand the importance we attach to the values of commitment, boldness, ethics and courage that characterize it . Today, we encourage you to become an agent of change. Your donation, much more than a simple gesture of generosity, will have a concrete impact on the future of the School and its students.

Here are 5 reasons to give to the EM Normandie Foundation:

  1. Promoting access to education for all: Solidarity

Your donation supports scholarships for deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds, guaranteeing equal opportunities and access to quality education for all.

  1. Sharing our common values

By supporting the Foundation, you are helping to perpetuate the fundamental values of EM Normandie and to train committed citizens capable of meeting the challenges of today's world.

  1. Supporting academic excellence: Accompaniment and transmission

Your generosity fuels top-level research and pedagogical innovation, enabling the School to position itself as a recognized center of excellence.

  1. Preserving our heritage: Commitment and Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Your donation contributes to the transmission of EM Normandie's unique entrepreneurial know-how and pedagogical heritage, ensuring the longevity of our school for future generations.

  1. Benefit from substantial tax advantages

By contributing to a project that is close to your heart, you give meaning to your taxes and benefit from substantial tax relief.

Together, let's give ourselves the means to build the future!

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